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A sign that's similar to the touch or spud sign, but uses the "rock on" sign rather than a fist to touch. This is a common form of showing respect to a chunk, a mixture of chav and punk.
Example 1:
Immz: Dat outfit iz unique bruv.

Tania: Thanks!

Immz: Iz you a chunk?

Tania: Yeeah....

Immz: Chunk touch! Oh yeeeeeeah!

Example 2:
Immz: Those sunglasses are CHUNK bruv.

Ela: I'm not chunk.

Immz: Whatever, chunk touch! Oh yeeeeeah!

by Immanuela July 10, 2008
Similar to scene. Rather than being a mixture of chav and emo, as scenesters are, chunks are a mixture of chav and punk.

Chunkster dress in crazy styles and have similarly crazy hair. They might wear a mixture of chav clothing and a punky hairstyle for example.

Chunksters talk however they want, but it usually has chavvy words in it. They also do what's known as a chunk touch, a mixture of the "rock on" sign and what's known as the "touch", or "spud".

Unlike the typical stereotype of chav, chunksters usually are not dumb or delinquent, much like scenesters.

Chunksters may listen to emo music too, but are classed as chunk because they listen to some punk music (and other genres too) and don't wear oversized scene sunglasses all the time.
Example 1:
Immz: I iz a gangsta tho innit?

Stacey: No, you are a chunk.

Immz: Am I? What's a chunk?

Stacey: A mixture of chav and punk.

Immz: Ohhh, dat's a good one bruv.

Example 2:
Nollie: I tawk like a chav but I don't dress like one.

Immz: Dat's coz you iz a chunk bruv.

Nollie: Oh yeeeah, chunk touch!

Example 3:
Nollie: Oi! Chunk touch!

Immz: Yeah man, we ain't got time to waste.

Person 3: (looks confused)

Immz: Aww man, you iz not a chunk, you iz not ma bruv.

Mary: You iz a non-chunk.

Person 3: Do I look like I care?
by Immanuela July 10, 2008
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