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A video game for the Nintendo Gamecube featuring Chibi-style children living alone (presumably because their parents didn't love them) in a town infested with speaking animals. Though the town appears to be ruled by a tortise Mayor, it's true dictator is a raccoon who hold a monopoly over the town's goods.

Often, gamers would begin to play this game 1.) out of sheer boredom, or 2.) because their sister traded in all the other games. Sadly, These gamers are likely still playing it due to its overly-addicting collection system.
See: Animal Crossing-Tom Nook is a Nazi.
#animal #crossing #gamecube #sim games #tom nook #mr. resetti #rpg #life sim
by Immacharginyoface October 12, 2009
Facial expression consisting of one raised eyebrow and a shit-eating grin, made by a douchebag (more commonly reffered to as a "Bro") expressing superiority (usu. sexual superiority) in an overly confident way. Often used simultaneously with a douchebag statement such as "If you know what I mean..." or "That's what I'm talking about."
Bro 1: I heard you met up with a frikkin hot cumdumpster last night.

Bro 2: Yeah, she helped me with my anatomy homework last night *Raises eyebro* if ya know what I mean...

Bro 1: Score, bro!
#eyebrow #eyebros #eyebroed #douche face #overconfidence #virgin
by Immacharginyoface October 12, 2009
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