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A humorist and internet phenomenon, most famous for critiquing the famous twilight series in his "blogging twilight" articles on the website www.sparknotes.com
"OMG 1st on a Dan Bergstien blog???"

"You are my life now,

Dan Bergstein"
by Imlora April 01, 2010
Nickname of the Icelandic volcano responsible for spewing massive ash clouds during an eruption in April 2010 grounding multiple flights over Europe. Eyjafjallajoekull, the real name of the volcano, is nearly unpronounceable by people who don't speak the Icelandic language.
The airlines are saying to disgruntled stranded customers, "The Ash Hole is an act of God. It's not like anyone can stop a volcano. Except maybe Al Gore."

Ummmmm.... Ay-jah-fah-yall-a-joe-coo? Whatever. The Ash Hole.
by Imlora April 20, 2010

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