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Zac Efron (full name: Zachary David Alexander Efron) was born in 1987 on the 18th of October. He lived with his foster father George Giitsidis, until he made the famous movie High School Musical, it was only then that his real father, David Efron, found that his son actually had some use and thus made the claim. Zac was reunited with his parents at San Luis Obispo, California - at this time his real mother had also come forth realising the money potential.

Zac Efron is a well renowned singer and actress. He is apparently a really "nice guy" according to Mel on Sunrise (Channel 7, early morning show). However he was only rated a 6 out of 10 for his "hotness" on the show "Are you HOT or NOT" for his girly appearance and skinny-legs. Along with his fast rise to fame, Zac Efron made many enemies. Zac Efron was shot a number of times by an armed gunman miraculously surviving the incident. Shortly after the incident an American S.W.A.T team repeatedly fired automatic machine gun fire at Zac Efron. Zac Efron survived yet again. The Team apologised saying that they "accidently" pulled their triggers.
He died on the 18th October 2006 (coincidently on his birthday) due to colorectal cancer. He died of a malignant polyp which had spread to his face. Thousands of fans did not attend his funeral however they did watch his new movie "High School Musical 4 - Back to High school...again"

Zac Efrons profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 174 cm
Age: 21
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown

Nationality: Unknown/ Behemoth
IQ: 2
Newsreporter interviewing Zac Efron.

"So Zac, how do you feel -" reporter gets cut off

"yes to all of them" - says zac efron

"Ok, but I havent even finished the ques -" reporter

"YES to all of them!" - says zac efron

"But I havent eve-" reporter

"YES TO ALL OF THEM" - says zac efron

"But thats not even the questi -" Reporter

"YES TO ALL OF THEM!!!" - says Zac efron
by ImSureYoullAgreeWithMe June 06, 2009
A failing NSW government school in which carries a notorious reputation around the general public.
Famous for producing fine athletes such as Chuck Norris and offering a wide range of sports ranging from russian roulette kick-boxing and naked mud wrestling.
Below is an example of a confrontation between a cityrail officer and a student.
The Cityrail officer's eyes meet with your Randwick Boys logo on your shirt. He says: "Randwick (pause) Boys (pause) high school" to agitate and piss you off. You stare at him as if to say stfu but you don't say a word. He insults you and then makes a joke which only outlines his stupidy, as no-one, not even his colleagues, find it at all funny or amusing. You walk away after 10 minutes of hassle, angry at the fact you've missed the 8am train and also at the fact you've had your time wasted by a cityrail douchebag whom was being another typical, immature, dickhead. Unsatisfied, you continue your journey to another day of school, knowing all too well that the day ahead had worse to come.

Randwick Boys' High School
by ImSureYoullAgreeWithMe June 06, 2009
Shit cunt is a vulgar, derogatory term utilised mainly by people of a certain origin (ahem) whom have no respect for others. The term shit cunt taken literally does not make any sense at all, for the word shit has several meanings: faeces, damn, jack, bullshit, etc. and the word cunt means: obscene terms for female genitals, a bitch or tired and fatigued (cunted). Combine the two: shit cunt = faeces female genitals = faeces a bitch = damn a females genitals = wtfux???

Most of the time, the people who use the words often don't know the actual meaning themselves but use it anyway understanding the fact that the words are used to describe a person or situation in a bad way. e.g: "ur a fukn shit cunt"
There are also other ridiculous definitions within this site describing it literally but in the sense of having sexual intercourse, as well as somehow integrating homosexuality into the words definition.
It is usually, but no always, used by malignant, stupid, self righteous, piously self-assured and smugly moralistic people lacking brain material. However, uncommonly, it is used by people mocking or imitating those whom use "shit cunt" or just plain foul-mouthed people.

Example of an idiot using "shit cunt":

1)"Fukn ya ura fukn shit cunt bra"

2)"Get in 'ere ya cunt"

3)"Fukn cunts dese dayss brraa"

4)"I wazz down at centrelink bra and dese fukn shit cunts cuma long and fukn 'ell, SMashed the dickhead"


6)"ahahaha ya shit ya cunt!!"

Needn't say no more.

Although examples 2 and 3 do not use the words "shit cunt" it does however, relate to the idiots who use it.
by ImSureYoullAgreeWithMe June 05, 2009
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