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Whining that escapes from the mouths of yuppies that is so absurd that it makes regular people cringe.
I feel really bad; I launched into a fit of yuppie whining today in front of my secretary. She totally doesn't care if the satellite radio in my BMW isn't working and I am stuck listening to FM.
by ImNotReallyAWaitress July 29, 2010
One who is behaving like a really large douche bag. More ill-tempered than a mere douche bag.
Tom was being such a douchopotamus today. Way worse than usual.
by ImNotReallyAWaitress July 29, 2010
Similar to a hatchery. A place where baby douches are unknowingly raised by their douche mommies and daddies. You may recognize the early signs of being a douche in these little ones in public places. Hopefully you don't know anyone running a douchery.
OMG, with a dad like Jon, I hope Kate isn't stuck running a douchery for those 8 kids after their divorce.
by ImNotReallyAWaitress August 17, 2010
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