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An ogre/cave dwelling mammal. The Owen is a huge mama's boy, it is often thought that an owen breast feeds until puberty. It grows facial hair at the ripe age of 3 and tends to keep it through out the rest of it's life to hide it's ogre like appearance. The Owen is often overweight. It survives on pickles and ranch dressing. Unlike other ogres The Owen has yet to to find his fiona. It often makes bad choices in purchasing vehicles and is oblivious to the fact that they are complete garbage. The Owen's favourite past times are watching house, taking 2 hour craps, awkwardly grunting at random moments, and mumbling nonsense. If you give The Owen a couple drinks he turns into the toughest man around, (so he thinks). 100% of the time The Owen turns gay at the age of 30.
An Owen must of raided our fridge!, all our pickles and ranch dressing are gone!
by ImNotAnOwen! December 08, 2010

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