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2 definitions by ImAwesomeProductions

When someone uses a Mac in starbucks. Many people have made this a cliche. This stereotype has made some Mac users want to destroy starbucks. The most common pair is a MacBook with a caramel cappuccino.
John: I HATE Cupertino Cappuccinos.
Steve: Why?
John: Starbucks tastes too gross for a Mac to be within 10 feet of it.
by ImAwesomeProductions July 20, 2011
Your sister's pubes, usually said as an insult. This can be used to end an argument easily.
Steve: We should do our homework.
John: Chill bro.
Steve: Do you want to fail?
John: No.
Steve: So we should do our homework.
by ImAwesomeProductions February 22, 2012