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Rach·el (adj)
Someone who is sexy, smart and charming. A person whos Rachel is known to be sweet, funny and sincere and makes you're girlfriend or boyfriend look like trash. Most people who date someone whos Rachel say that they have the best and most committed relationships with them. A man or woman whos Rachel is known to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention. Someone whos Rachel is convincing and when they want something, they get it. Everyone named Rachel is Rachel. Woman who are Rachel are well known to marry men named John.
1. Woah, see that girl? She's SO Rachel!
2. Wish my girlfriend were as Rachel as yours is!
3. Damn hes Rachel!
4. Did you see the way he stole the show? OMG hes Rachel!
by ImAnonymousLOL November 22, 2011

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