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A British actor who is well known for playing Cedric in Harry Potter, and Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. Also the subject of many girls' fantasies. In some people's opinion, he is a person who's ego is larger than a mansion, he has no posture or acting ability, and is a creeper. The people in the forementioned group will vary in reactions when "R Pattz" fangirls squee at him. Some reactions will be: faked, induced or automatic vomiting, running away, or badmouthing him (which is rather dangerous to attempt)
Fangirls have been known to ask him to bite them, sleep with them, or marry them.
Ana: "Oh I'm destined to become Robert Pattinson's wife. I know it!"
Lyri: *fakes puking* "Yeah, you and all the other obsessed fangirls out there. If i didn't hate him so much..."
Ana: "Come on, he's talented, wonderful at singing, and gorgeous!"
Lyri: "Ummmm, no." *walks away*
by Illyria Schiff August 24, 2009

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