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Genereally means bastard, but not in the literal term. Just an annoying person who you don't like or who has done something stupidly irritating. Most comonly known from Mean Girls.
"Oh my god, you're such a skeese"
by Ill Hubs January 17, 2010
A straight person who dates or sleeps with a gay of the opposite sex.
Typically use against men.
Joe: Carl has a lesbo girlfriend!
Larry: Yeah, he's such a foisty ninny queer...
by Ill Hubs April 03, 2009
Where someone can undo someone's bra with a finger and a thumb. It is easy to do, but not to understand... It involves squeesing either part of the strap and releasing.
Betty: God, I hope Jonny doesn't do that ninja shit thing today...
Betty: For fuck's sake
by Ill Hubs November 08, 2009
Has multiple definitions.
1) Literally a bad wig
2) Bad ass
3) Amazing
4) Boring
5) Contraversial
1) "God, that hair piece... That's one bad wig"
2) "Elise, you're so bad wig
3) "Wow, man. That speech was so bad wig"
4) "Urg, Mr. Downs' lessons are ssssooooo bad wig"
5) "Whoaaaaa. That move was bad wig"
by Ill Hubs November 14, 2009
When eating something so delicious, it gives you a form of sexual arousal. It doesn't have to be chocolate being eaten, any food at all. Comes from the scientific theory that chocolate contains ingredients capable of causing an actual orgasm. This is why it is so irrisistable.
"Let me have a bite of that... ohhmmm"
"Chocolate orgasm?"
"Uhh huh"
by Ill Hubs November 25, 2009
A place - a refuge - for a person. The person usually is a bit of a loner, or a loner wolf as a prefered term. Comes from the song "Castle on a Cloud" form Les Misrebles
This is my Castle on a Cloud
by Ill Hubs June 27, 2009
An arguement taking place on Facebook, most likely because the Arguebook starter has no backbone as to start said arguement in person. Alot of people do this...
On Facebook
Scott: You're so vain, and you're really ugly
Gregg: Stop trying to arguebook with me. Grow a pair and come tell me in person.
Scott:(no reply)
by Ill Hubs May 24, 2009

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