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4 definitions by Il duce

Technically, any rifleman. Realistically applied to Napoleonic-era soldiers who were armed with fusils, which were early flintlock rifles.
And no one survived, from the Royal Fusiliers, Company C
by Il Duce December 24, 2003
A colloquial saying among Southern White working-class men, usually denoting a friend or close compatriot.
My buddyro and me done found us a Jew on the roof.
by Il Duce December 23, 2003
A sweaty pile of naked Iraqi prisoners, typically in pyramid configuration.
They're showing the fagpile picture every ten minutes on Al-Jazeera.


What does the Geneva Convention say about fagpiles?
by Il Duce May 07, 2004
An insult levied at a person with questionable taste in clothing and women, and disregards basic norms on public decency and social hierarchy. SEE: Meat Helmet
(Invented by Kevin Lantz and Doug Forrest)
That dick knife over there just cock blocked me.

Some stupid dick knife hippie just stole MY FUCKING TABLE.
by Il Duce December 23, 2003