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Contrary to popular belief non-conformists are NOT "emo" "goth" "punks" or "rebels" they are people who do things because they LIKE them not because they're popular. Also in a way everyone seems to conform whether to a religion, to a language or to just be human. Like for example, if all people eat a hypocritical non-conformist would be upset and not eat at all...or they would eat and completely destroy their version of non-comformity. See how complicated this topic is? Basically as I said before non-conformists are individuals who act like THEMSELVES and do not succomb to fads just because everyone else likes them.
Non-conformist: Hey dude I just got a pair of converses!

Hypocritical non-conformist: Dude you can't wear those anymore, EVERYONE has them.

Non-conformist: ...
by Ikki_Ikki_Ikram September 02, 2007
The hijab is a beautiful thing, it's funny how when some people look at me they think i'm a poor little immigrant who's being controlled by my father and older brother. First of all, I ASKED for the hijab when I was about eight years old because I thought it was a beautiful thing, it was exotic and it came in so many different colours...plus I didn't have to spend half an hour every morning plaiting my long curly hair. Of course when I was around 11 I rebelled a little, but that was because I was trying to fit in, and now that i'm 14 I know that fitting in with the girls in my class shouldn't be on my list of priorities. I'm not a refugee in the Middle East heck...I'm not even arab, i'm a 14 year old girl who was born in TORONTO, who likes the same things that any normal 14 year old girl likes. I am not brainwashed because I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't care whether or not I wore the hijab, my older brother would actually perfer me NOT to wear it, and my dad...well...he doesn't even live with us, so do I look like a poor, handicapped sex slave? NO, I'm probably one of the most respected girls in my class, i'm intelligent, articulate, I got accepted to the high school of my choice, and I experience the same things that any normal 14 year old girl experiences...just with a few restriction from my religion.

So stop ridiculing Islam, Islam loves women, come on...in Christianity are men obligated to BUY their wife's breast milk? Are the men obligated to buy their wife a maid (if they can afford it), are the men supposed to help their wives with the housework? I think not...to think that all of this was in the quran 1400 years ago BEFORE feminism and before women had any rights.

Do not look at these middle eastern men who beat and rape their wives and daughters, they are hypocrits and give bad names to islam, look towards the GOOD muslims, I hardly doubt Barack Obama's mother MARRIED (his step-father) who was a muslim and stayed married to him because he beat her. Most muslims...or rather the TYPICAL muslim should be a kind, thoughtful, generous and polite person just like Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was. All you guys do is nitpick and criticize islam, get off your high horses, and stop acting like your religion is the best.

P.S: Sorry if this ran long, but I'm really pissed off at all these stupid ignorant twats who have nothing better to do than dissing a religion they know nothing about!
Do you realllllllllly need an example of Hijab?...Fine!

Girl: MOM! I can't find my purple hijab! I need it to match my new outfit!

Mom: Wear your black one then,

Girl: But my outfit has no black---WAIT...NVM I found it!...Now have you seen my pin?

Mom: ....
by Ikki_Ikki_Ikram May 18, 2008
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