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The thin layer or sheen that covers you and your partner(s) after sexual intercourse. Including but not limited to mixtures of sweat, semen, and natural lubricants.
Not to be confused with, but of similar viscosity to liquid ectoplasm.
"I walked into your room and there was sextoplasm everywhere."

"There was either a ghost in here, or someone's been fucking in my room."
by Ikety November 14, 2008
1. A dead chick's vagina. The necrophiliac's dream, a cold, stiff snatch

2. A live chick's vagina, chilled with ice, often to give her sexual partner an unexpected icy treat upon penetration.
Here's a trick, instead of waiting hours for Jo's beaver to become some nice cold poon, I'm going to put her in the freezer and turn hours of waiting into minutes. And here's one I prepared earlier...

Stacy showed me her new trick this morning, it was some cold cold poon.
by Ikety February 07, 2007
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