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Noun, Adjective - A person who has shown outstanding achievement when it comes to the practices of being a douche bag, fucker, asshole, shithead, or any other demeaning clique association that portrays douchery at its finest.
When standing in line at DQ you suddenly are cut in line by a jock and a few of his douche bag friends.

You: Hey! I was in line in front of you.
Douche nozzle: So?
You: Well fuck you man!
Douche: I've got your sister for that.

After suffering a humiliating defeat you finally return to your table with a few of your friends.

Friends: What took so long?
You: Some asshole in line decided to become a douche bag extraordinaire and cut me.
Friends: What a douche...
by IisMathwizard June 17, 2012

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