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The board on makeupalley on which the women love to make up excessively stupid and FAKE stories for attention. they make-up that they have diseases, that they're SO finds a tooth in food, that they found a super expensive purse for $600 dollars cheaper (yet can't tell you where), that they found a magic diet, that they're ALL a size 00 and have curves (lmao), that they're cat did something superrrrrr cool, that they're SO's are ALL supposedly good in bed, that they were never supported by their parents (and that it's bad to be), that they all have new cars (HAHAHA), that they NEVER tried drugs when young, or whatever other stupid things they can make up for attention.
"Omg, omg, guess what makeupalley cafe my cat just did a sommer-sault and then a new gold bracelet came out of my SO's poop!!! OMG!"
by Ihatedrama July 28, 2006
A subdivision of the internet site Makeupalley. The cafe' message board is the place where all of the fat, middle-aged, cat-loving (yeah, don't make a joke about cats, you'll be attacked for ages) who are members on Makeupalley decide to spend all day and all night creating drama, throwing a bitchfest, and picking apart every message posted to find some way to start a problem. They're constantly talking bad about celebrities and pretty people (out of jealousy and to make themselves feel better because we all know they're all ugly and fat) and they all like to divulge every personal aspect of their lives (how all of their husbands cheat on them, how they're drunk every night, etc). They get cheated on because they spend too much time online and are too dramatic. Most of them have no job or the job that they have is entry level, yet they can afford expensive things because they drive a 1990 camry and live in a cockroach infested hole in the wall. The favorite topics for the women on the cafe' board are usually: sex, bashing of celebrities, anorexia (everyone is anorexic in their eyes), declawing, pregnancy, marriage, and pretty much anything that can be turned into a dramafest.
"I go on the Makeupalley cafe' board for my daily dose of drama."
"Ok honey, go cheat on me again, I'll be on the makeupalley cafe' board getting fatter and wasting time with a bunch if middle-aged crazy women."
"Let me go make myself feel better by talking on the makeupalley Cafe' board about how anorexic or ugly all the celbrities look"
by Ihatedrama July 28, 2006

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