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One of the sickest fucked up bastards in history. He did various medical experiments to the Jews (and other ppl but mainly ethnic Jews) In Auschwitz.

He sewed twins together

Sewed a teddy bear to a 3 year olds chest (to see what would happen)
Tore the muscles from peoples legs off and made them walk.
Skinned people alive to see how long it woud take them to die.
Cut off limbs, Cut out organs etc.
Injected Dye and Bleach into peoples eyes.
Made twins impregnant and have sex with eachother .
Burnt peoples skin and flesh off.
Performed sex change operations on children (twins)

Cut of peoples genitles.
Injected people with various chemicals.
Performed numerous sick, twisted operations.

ALL of his ''medical experiments'' were done WITHOUT pain killers/anestisia and the ''patients'' were NEVER put to sleep.
I hate nazis, especially that Pussy Josef Mengele
May that fucked up cunt rot in hell.
by IhateNazis75 September 15, 2009

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