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2 definitions by Ignoranus

A Cross dressing fag who got over a million views on youtube for having a nervous breakdown about brittney spears. His vid even reached to tv, and now reaches the most hated video on youtube

Youtuber:ya ya ya wutever u see kiss cocker, i hope u choke on someones balls u sperm goulping fag
by Ignoranus September 16, 2007
One who does something only for money without any care for anything, similar to a bitch and a slut, and it can also mean lust, which in this definition means how much of a big showoff the idiot is with his or her money
50 cent is a bitch flashin his money in his music, I Get Money
Straight to the Bank, Piggy Bank, he's such a Money Fucker

Hey im Paris Hilton and I want to tell everyone how rich I am, and can do anything I want because I almost got away from prison because im such a Money Fucker
by Ignoranus September 05, 2007