3 definitions by IgIg

1. To be annafical means to be easily amused.
She said I was annafical because I was entertained by the pencil on the desk.
by IgIg August 11, 2006
If somethinng is described as "slower" it means it is SO slow that to simply describe it is to speak in an unbelievably slow manner, slurring your words, to accomodate the utter slowness of the object, person, thing, etc in question.

Variations include: slowl, slowlish.
1. Could you be speaking any slowler?

2. That grandmother is moving so slowlish!
by IgIg August 11, 2006
1. A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult, but who is very cool at the same time.
2. A hoarder of important road signs.
3. Can be generally associated with odd water drinking habits, political incorrectness and easy distractedness.
1. Hey, did you hear about that new Galty at school? They want me to join their cult, but how can I refuse their utter coolness?
2. Police Officer: Damn that Galty! That's the third important road sign they've taken this week!
3. The Galty in question keeps entertained by drinking water oddly, being politically incorrect in History class and has been texting the same message for twenty minutes.
by IgIg August 11, 2006

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