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TheAmazingAtheist is an overweight, American YouTuber who DOES make pretty good videos sometimes. This is coming from a Christian (yes, atheists, it's possible for some of us to like him a bit). However, for some reason, he shows a large ammount of hate towards people that are not atheist, usually Christians. Personally, I think he is at his best when on his more comedic or joke videos than when he is talking about religion. A lot of his viewers agree with literally EVERYTHING he says and then call Christians "close-minded". These people rate all of TheAmazingAtheist's videos 5 stars, write encouraging comments, and discourage any Christians or "creationists" on YouTube as possible. Keywords: A lot.
A LOT of his viewers are like this. I'm glad I had pointed out the keyword because some atheists were going to comment on this definition saying "WAAAHH Well you said all of us do this. I'm actually pretty cool!". I understand that. Some of his viewers are actually pretty cool people. Basically, I just sort of wish people wouldn't over-rate him. He's kind of repulsive-looking, uses way too much foul language (no, I'm not some word Nazi. I just wish he wouldn't try to use curse words to make him seem funnier), and makes a large number of really dumb videos.
TheAmazingAtheist is alright at times.
by IeuanB February 06, 2009

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