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The Neopets Team, the people who are the overall head of the site Neopets.com. Before, a group of normal people just trying to run a website. Now, this group can be described as a handful of snooty, uncaring, heartless people. Some TNT members are still nice, such as Snarkie, but most of them would just as well like to see years of hard work frozen and wasted away as they would like to see a user of Neopets being helped.
I remember a time when I went to TNT to help me with an unfair freezing, and they unfroze me in no time and wrote me a formal apology. I was frozen a second time by TNT several years later, including every account ever accessed on my computer (including friends, family members, ect.) and all I got was a generic "start over because we won't help you" response. :( What happened to the TNT I used to know and love?

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