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1. A state of fugglement,to fug and be fugged. To boldly fug as no one has ever been fugged before
She was befuggled by the big hairy man.
by Idezyne4u October 27, 2003
1> Similar to earshot, eyeshot is the ability to see within a certain distance without distortion of visible object you are focusing upon

2> That icky thing that happens in a porno flick, usually to the unsupecting female.
3> That thing that happened to the Sheriff yet not the Deputy
I never saw the frisbee until it was within my eyeshot
"...ooohhh baby, oh my, you gave me an eyeshot..."

"...Eyeshot the Sheriff, but I swear it was in self defense..."
by Idezyne4u October 27, 2003
1. Taking a 1/2 a semester off college
I ain't got no quarter this time 'round. I ain't gittin' no financial aid.
by Idezyne4u October 27, 2003

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