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3 definitions by Idea Analyst

have passion about doing something and feel motivated to get it done
get into the groove of writing this paper
by Idea Analyst November 13, 2010
11 1
Great affection for the good things to love about Southern California. Also the name of a designer clothing consignment boutique that donates a part of proceeds to animal welfare organizations in California.
So Cal Love is experienced when you recognize all of the good in Southern California. A state of being. The So Cal Love Boutique brings two great things about California as one...designer consignment and So Cal's Love for animals.
by Idea Analyst November 17, 2010
5 1
exuding a high level of "being cool"...an extremely cool person. Particularly said after doing something cool.
She climbed Mt. Washington because she is cool like that.
by Idea Analyst November 17, 2010
6 2