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It could mean a literal Splash of Jizz, in a droplet. or a metaphorical jizz splash

A friend or colleague whose foolish mistake has ruined yours or someone else's plans... The metaphor represents both the accidental nature of the mistake or splash, and the sticky mess of events which the mistake causes.

Use: Beration, ridicule, declamation of responsibility, winding up your clumsy friends.

Noun, very improper.
a friend or colleugegegege tells evryone that hes related to a sleeping badger in the middle of the night and the profound nature i which he says this leaves evryone Soooo Shocked that they all whip out their cocks and jizz splash him or her.

"Ahh lol you got a Jizz Splash on my nose"

"You Jizz Splash!" On hearing that your friend forgot the mayonaise/ got the address of the party wrong/ used your lubricant as hair gel/ broke your bicycle/ burnt the toast/ lost your dog.
by Idancedwithdangermouse June 29, 2009

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