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(v) to ball out hard, when you pimp out mad wodeys and booze hard..perhaps throwing around lots of bills and pimp smacks.
Pimp 1: What the fuck are you up to tonight?

Pimp 2: Man, I'm heading downtown and fucking icing down motherfucker. There is going to be a shitload of wodeys out at the bar.
by Icing June 14, 2006
bitches that you don't make into housewives. These are the ones that you fuck once, twice, or a few times then peace out on. They are not bonafide suiters (women that you would marry). wodeys can be hot, and appear to be suiters, however they are not. They are sluts, they are wodeys.
"Man look at that wodey walking by with her twat hanging out of her skirt...sick. What a wodey-ass bitch!
by Icing June 14, 2006

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