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stands for Dumb Ass Nigger.
These DANs in math class are hindering me from learning and they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
by Ichigo Kurosaki April 11, 2005
stands for Dumb Ass Cracker
These DACs are trying to lynch me because I slept with the fat one's daughter. Evil people
by Ichigo Kurosaki April 11, 2005
a gropu of people (international democratic peoples uhuru movement) who try to bring equality to the world. Originally started in St. Petersburg FL with good intentions, but D.A.Ns started ruining their reputation by fighting with police and buring places down
Those Uhurus nowadays cause nothing but trouble because of a few ignorant africans ruining it all.
by Ichigo Kurosaki August 14, 2005
stands for Dumb Ass Bitch
a bonecrusher is an example of a dumb ass bitch at times
by Ichigo Kurosaki April 11, 2005

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