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a word which means nothing and is used in hi-falutin language to see if your audience will pick you up and ask you what the fuck it means.
it's a little known fact that in Eritrea, the whole issue of women's rights is bound up with matriarchal traditions - enhanced to a great extent by contrafibulation - which really doesn't move things forward
by Ich bin August 05, 2009
you brighten my life
having a really down day wading through other people's mess - just grateful ybml
by Ich Bin August 05, 2009
the total unadorned, untrimmed bush - a million miles from Brazil - but obviously where it all started
wow man, when she dropped those drawers, I saw the whole goddam bear, I mean the full Iberian
by Ich bin August 05, 2009
if (we're) still talking - used in the sort of super-heated relationship which might flame tomorrow
Person 1 :I just want you to do Monte Carlo with me in May

Person 2 : IST - I don't see we gonna get to Xmas !
by Ich bin August 06, 2009

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