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A chick who the guys hang out with cause shes almost as cool as the bros. Bros tend to be really tight with these girls. Usually not stuck up at all, and bros can still talk about chicks in front of her without her getting jealous. They get the "Chick-Bro" term cause you cant call her a bro, shes a chick. Also, can be 1, or mulitple girls.
Zack: Bro, that chick is so cool, i just talked about titts with her and she didnt even get mad.
Mark: Ya dude, shes a Chick-Bro
Zack: SICK!
Zack: Dude, who are those girls always hangin around you?
Mark: OH! Those are my Chick-Bros. They're so tight.
by IceMan2011 November 27, 2010

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