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A daily (some exceptions exist)webcomic hosted by Explosm.net. It focuses on dark humor including parodies, diseases, rape etc. It is disliked by many for its contents while certain people do enjoy it. There are also flash animations on Explosm.net.
Guy 1: Hey, have you ever heard of Cyanide and Happiness? That stuff is so hilarious!
Guy 2: Oh my god! how can you call that funny!? Those comic writers deserve to be put in jail!
by IceCAPPED April 23, 2008
When a girl or guy has a part of their body like their stomach or love handles that curve out excesively. Most likely not to descirbe a nice ass or big tits.
Eww! That girl is so concave! I think i just went blind!
by IceCAPPED May 11, 2008
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