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A way of breaking the connection for you advantage in an online game. There are two ways to do this:

1. Pull the plag out of your router.
2. Press the standby button on your router.

It is used to cheat, and most of the people who do this are little kids that can't get past a legit level 20 in Halo 2.
I was about to kill him, but he pressed the standby button and assassinated me.
by Ian Trautner November 07, 2005
A clothing store that has industrialized beach culture. They sell overpriced shirts that say stuff on them like "Huntington Beach", "Newport Beach", "Cali", and so on in that fashion. This store is extremely popular to rednecks in the Midwest that dream about going to southern California.
NEWSFLASH: If you wear clothes on them that say "California", you're probably not from California. So, to all hicks: turn MTV off, take off that Hollister shirt, and go swim in a pond.
by Ian Trautner December 07, 2005
A terrible place filled with pawns/hicks and easily influenced girls who worship the cast of Laguna Beach. Every guy and girl in my highschool wears Hollister clothes that name places in southern California that they've never been to before. They think that Orange County is just like what MTV depicts them as. Most of the people here were born in Missouri, grew up in Missouri, and will probably stay in Missouri for the rest of there lives.

So, this is for every stupid hick and redneck that is reading this right now: Take of your California shirt, turn off MTV, and come to the realization that you are a stupid redneck who is from the Midwest. You are living a lie that's based on a lie. California is not what you think, even though it is the most beautiful and most fun place in the world. Laguna Beach is not the real Orange County. I was born and raised in Orange County, in Huntington Beach, but I had to move away for a semester. Now I know what a terrible place the Midwest is.

Southern California is the only place in the world that's worth living in. If you don't live here, you might as well be dead. I can't wait to get the hell out of this dumbass place called Missouri and move back to the Orange County that these idiots have never seen before.
by Ian Trautner November 26, 2005

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