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The root word in the more commonly known term: Lunkhead. A word used to describe someone of low intelligence and usually of a portly stature. see dullard or dolt A heavy, stupid fellow.
Can you believe that? That stupid lunk just cut me off!

Look at that lunk, he dripped ketchup all over his fat gut when he was eating his hamburger.
#dullard #dolt #dummy #idiot #moron
by Ian Callahan May 29, 2006
One who is crusty; either in attitude, behavior, or appearance.
1: My boss was being a real cruster last night by not letting me go home.

2: Don't be such a cruster!

3: What happened to your hair? You look like a cruster today.
#syn: crapper #jerk #brat #rigid #dirty or ungroomed #mean
by Ian Callahan January 04, 2006
To defecate . To relieve one's self by fecal expulsion from one's anus.

Origin: the frase could have been allocated to this meaning due to the assertion that the dump would be or feel like it was a two pounder. Hence the word 'deuce'. Or, the more commonly accepted origin of this frase is a response to a euphemism for taking a crap: 'going # 2'.
I can't wait to get home so I can Drop a Deuce !
#dump #crap #shit #saisa #poop
by Ian Callahan January 04, 2006
A term used to describe someone in a derogitory manner. Most often, it is used in describing a child who misbehaves frquently. It is also used to describe anyone who acts in a crappy or unpleasant manner. See cruster, jerk.
That little crapper Tommy stepped out in front of the car and pointed his toy gun at us as we drove by.

Those Iranians are acting like real crappers about thier nuclear plants.
#cruster #naughty #misbehave #jerk #crappy
by Ian Callahan January 17, 2006
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