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Italians means two things.North Italians and South Italians.
Once a lot of southern italians went to Usa.Since some southern italians have olive skin,the angloes thought that all italians should have olive skin,dark eyes and dark hair.While north italians have lot of central european r1b haplogroup blood and can't be distingushed by central europeans,south italians with many exceptions fit the classic mediterranean type that doesn't mean they are black,but that they have a lot of greek blood from back in the past.
Unfortunately these southern italians(mostly american\italians)have been brainwashed that their features are due to africans,then some of them happily say that it is the truth and take down the whole Italy in their assumption making never a distinction between them and north italians.

South Italians also brought mafia to Usa,but that doesn't mean that all italians and specifically north italians are in mafia.
North Italians created renaissance,Da Vinci,Machiavelli,Florence,Venice,Pisa,Michelangel the first university in Europe and so on and most of them are blonde blue eyed.
Venice,Pisa,Genoa and Florence fought all the middle age against arabs.Central north italians have not olive skins,and our regions are the richest in Europe,with a pil that overclass England and Germany too.
North italians have not any subsaharan blood,despite american angloes who have been targeted as the most mixed in the world.
by IamMachiavelli June 03, 2009

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