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Little known until recent Final Four fame, George Mason is statistically the largest and most diverse university in the state of Virginia.
Located in Fairfax, Virginia, 15-25 minutes outside DC (depending on NoVA traffic).
Mostly known in Northern Virginia as a commuter school, and often belittled because of it; but still houses over 4,000 students on campus, mostly in newer dormitories with the exception of Patriots Village, (the Mason ghetto).
Notorious for bad parking, finding a space at Mason is like finding a transsexual at a Republican National Conference; if you're lucky.
Although plagued by geese, Ciao Hall, and sh*tty parking...
At least Mason can play ball.
"What the f#%$ is George Mason University?"

"That team in the final four that beat uconn and unc"
by IamKristyJo April 11, 2006
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