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Any form of organized crime, ranging from Afro-American world-reknown Bloods and Crips, to the exceptionally dangerous Hispanic organization MS-13, to the exceptionally wealthy Cosa Nostra (or Italian Mafia, if you please) to the Yakuza and Chinese Triads, very cruel Asian street gangs, to, finally, the insane (trust me, I know) Russian Mafiya, known for killing people for no reason whatsoever.
1. Bloods + Crips = Gang war
2. (MS-13 dialogue) "Hey gringo, let's go get us some chiquitas and get them in my ride"
3.Mafia; see godfather
4.Yakuzas do cut off your finger if you mess with them
5. Triads do this also
6. JESUS CHRIST! RUN! RUN! They've got a tank!
by Iam12 November 17, 2007

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