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A once fun and cute show for pre-schoolers and younger elementary kids.
Orignally had Steve (human male), Blue (female blue dog), Mr. Salt (a salt shaker), Mrs. Pepper (a pepper shaker), and a Mailbox who came in and out once per episode to deliver 'Mail Time!'

Blue would leave 3 clues that Steve and the viewers would write down in the Handy-Dany Notebook and procede to look around for more (and take Mail Time where Steve gets a letter from kids) and talk to the various creatures and animals.

Later; Steve (went to collage in real life) and 'left' leaving Blue to his brother, Joe. After came a bunch of new animals and creatures and kind of sucked the orinally fun out of the show.
Original Blues Clues is what I watched as a little girl.
by Iactuallyrememberthat January 17, 2009

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