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A common nickname for an amazing girl who is a combination of nerdy, sexy, intelligent, artistic and funny all at the same time. A girl that is so near to perfection that her actual existence is more than questionable, a Hoovie is so close to perfection that she finds it necessary to be mean in order to try to scare away those with less than honorable intentions. This is the type of girl that can make you lose track of time and have you up all night hanging on her every word.

Hoovies are also known to be extreme meat eaters, melt at the mere mention of fireworks or BBQ's, despise cats and enjoy horribly fake Cuban accents.
Guy 1 – Dude I met this chick shes such a Hoovie
Guy 2 – Aw you lucky fucker, I’m jealous
Guy 1 – Yea you should be
Guy 2 – Yea I am
Guy 1 – Okay
Guy 2 – I’m hungry

Guy 1 – Me too lets get some soy burgers
Guy 2 – That sounds F-Ing awesome
by IWouldF-ingDestroyAPenguin July 12, 2009

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