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The only way to describe a carina is simply beautiful. She has the full package from head to toe which can make a guy go crazy by just looking at her. They are hard to find but once found you feel like you never need to look again. A carina has a heart as big as they can get and knows how to use it. Nothing can compare to the feeling you receive by just being with her. They can lift you up and put you in your place. Carina is a Cute, Adorable, Ridiculously pretty, Irresistible, Never ending amount of fun and Absolutely perfect girlfriend.

I love my Carina
Rob "Wow have you seen that girl in the striped dress?"
Rhys "Haha, you have no chance. She's out of your league."
Rob "Seriously if i dont try i will regret it forever, she is stunning. A real Carina"
by IWLYFYAME July 08, 2011
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