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You are on a team at work. You have worked your ass off on a project...did all the research, assimilated the material, produced the presentation...etc. Your superior reviews the information, gives you kudos on a job well done. At the final presentation, superior talks about how hard the research was...the time it took to put it together...blah...blah...blah....and does NOT mention your name or effort. Everyone assumes it was her works and she gladly takes 'Full Credit' for the project....a 'Credit Jumper'.....does not even bat an eyelash!
Jane is a stinking Credit Jumper! Didn't even mention her team at the presentation!
by IWFPP February 05, 2010
An O-Dream is the female equivalent of the male wet dream. I is where you wake up from a sound sleep in full orgasm without any self stimluation. If you are one of the few women who experience this phenomenon, you are very lucky indeed.
I was awakened this mornirng with a full on O-Dream instead of the alarm clock. What a pleasant way to start my day.
by IWFPP February 17, 2010
After an amazing night of orgasmic sex you feel repeated waves of orgasm deep in your pelvis that go on for hours without being touched or stimulated. It is quite an amazing phenonenon. If you are one who experiences this....you are a very lucky woman.
After a night of sex, she experienced orgasmic after shocks well into the morning.
by IWFPP February 04, 2010
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