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Punk Ass White Boy (The worst thing ever you can call a white boy....Basically calling him a weak ass bitch who will not stand up for himself or anything he believes in). A PWAB will say or mutter racist remarks, but will never in life have enough courage to express them publically, because he’s just a weak shell of a man. For example if you walk up to a black guy and call him a nigger, 9/10 he’ll punch you in the face. If you walk up to a white boy and call him a PAWB 9/10 he’ll walk away with his tail tucked behind legs.

All these internet racists are just PWABS. They won’t say that shit in real life.

Someone please tell that PWAB that his high school football glory days are over.

MAN! They ran a train and that PWAB’s girl last night.
by IRUN August 29, 2008

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