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The never ending upward spiral!

Your computer must at least match the "system requirements" in order to run the software or hardware.
System Requirements for Bla2004

2.5GHz processor
500Mb RAM
128Mb GPU memory :-(
Windows XP
.. and something you haven't got! >:-/
by IP Freely February 04, 2004
Modern pop music encapsulated!! What utter teeny crap!! :-(
Blazin Squad are wiiiikkkiiiiid .. and I can't spell .... :-O
by IP Freely February 04, 2004
the ultimate form of rejection, especially when giving power is involved.
you got GoGlay'ed biatch
by IP Freely February 19, 2004
HOORAY for the PAGANS :-(

Christians have foolishly tied their beliefs with a PAGAN festival, full of Easter Bunnies and all kinds of crap! As a result, Christ regularly gets forgotten in the commercially driven, satanic festival!

It's just like Christmas ... Christian festivals are DROWNED by consumerism, drunken behaviour, and Christmas trees (created by German PAGANS).

It's all absurd - God Almighty didn't tell us to celebrate pagan festivals!!
Easter is not about the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, it's about Eastre, a Goddess WHO DOESN'T EXIST!

Satan is "destroying wonderfully", as the Bible said he would ;-)

Here's the TRUTH:

Easter is PAGAN ... the name comes from a Goddess ...
by IP Freely April 10, 2004
A very crass sounding word, that I wouldn't use in a sentence ... ever!
That stupid kelloggs cereal descries the product as "morish" ... I almost vomit when I hear the word!
by IP Freely April 26, 2005

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