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literally means "you got it, man"

used when agreeing with someone or at the end of a conversation.
Can you hook us up for that party later?

by INS77 September 28, 2006
Traditonally "Sir Twampskie"... refers to a dealer who won't sell you larger than a twamp sack. So if you want anything close to an eighth you have to buy three twamps, for $60.
He/She always has bud to sell no matter what quality and they will gladly drive to your house to sell it to you.

See chincie...
Person 1:Whats up twampskie are you ganna sell me an eighth this time??

Person 2.(Twampskie): Sorry all I have are twamps, I can give you three for 60.
Its good shit though.

Person 3. Nahhh...
by INS77 September 28, 2006

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