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A wonderful game company that made Kyrandia and Command and Conquer until Electronic Arts cut it up and absorbed what was left into EALA.
Dude, Westwood made another golden game!
by indio September 21, 2003
Super Cool is the codename for the popular drug used in "Upright Citizens Brigade" wherein everyone is hooked on super cool. aka Pixie Sticks.
So you punks think you're cool 'cause you do super-cool? EhHEHhehHEHh
by Indio June 25, 2005
a latin king i5 a man that i5 in charge of hi5 de5tiny,and will do what it take5 to de5troy the underlyin force5 that 5eek to de5troy him!
the government, decipal5, and pri5on
by INDIO December 05, 2003

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