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An Indie kid is a middle schooler or high schooler who is an intellectual, deep person who can appreciate art and other things that others may not. And because of this the kid is misunderstood and probably not popular. The word Indie in this context refers to Indie music which is defined by being thought provoking and intelligent but don't be fooled indie is a form of rock and often has electronic influence. Indie kids are most often artistic in one way or another. Wether it be music, drawing, painting or some other form. The Indie kid probably wears dark clothes converse shoes (aka chucks). But the indie kid really does not care what others think of his cloths. At this point you may be getting the Indie Kid Confused with hipsters. The main differences are age(hipsters are between 20 and 30). The other is fashion Hipsters are a lot more vintage with there style. Indies ware converse shoes to but don't let this confuse you. INDIE KIDS ARE A LOT LESS FASHION OBSESSED THAN HIPSTERS ANT INDIES PROBABLY DONT GIVE A SHIT.
Pop kid: Hey do you listen to Katy Perry
Hipster: Eww She Sucks I HAte HER
Indie kid: Yeah I dont like her either. I really don't pop music, but i see why people can get into it. I don't Know just not for me.
by INDIEKID123 June 12, 2011
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