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An absolutely AMAZING guy with brown hair and hypnotizing brown eyes. This guy is Hillarious! and has many nicknames. He often forgives but never forgets, and would do anything for his best friend, including risk getting majorly hurt. He thinks of his best friend as his "lil sister" and she loves it when he says it. Michael is retarded&geeky at times but thats just him and it makes him that much better. He is like no other you have EVER met!!!!!! There is no way there could ever be any other person so awesome out there. He is truely amazing, and his "lil sis" hopes he knows that, because she cant tell him enough =)
"lil sis": WOW.. i cant believe i just did that, im sooo retarded lol

Michael: lol, ya but dont worry,its ok, I still love you lil sis... no matter how blonde you can be lol

"lil sis": * smiles* lol,I love you too my AMAZING big bro lol
by ILoveYouGeekBoy=P July 22, 2010

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