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Referring to the movie "The Notebook", the one that every girl obsesses about because of its ideal and perfect boy/girl relationship. You don't want to be stuck with a girl who expects a romance of this type. Ouch.
"It's raining! Lets go outside and make out."
"This isn't a Notebook Romance, okay Sheila?"
by ILiveWhereTheApesHowl May 22, 2009
Horny seventh graders, kids who want to be laughed at, and perverts will use this phrase when asking to be pardoned. You know what, they probably aren't even serious about being excused.
Seventh Grader- "Oh, exsqueeze me!"
Excuser- "The only thing I'm going to squeeze is your neck if you don't lay your hands off, you bastard!"
by ILiveWhereTheApesHowl May 22, 2009
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