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A series of Films that, over time, has appealed to generation after generation. Some argue that the newer additions to the franchise have cheapened and ruined it as a whole, its the fact that any one can put their little piece of history into it, that makes it so successful. While the story does have connectivity problems, which tends to happen when your story spans several thousand years, Its still a great story.

Weather you prefer the original Star Wars, and its two sequels with Its Great Story telling aspect, and classic lines like "Its a Trap!", The Prequel's, with the back story, dark tones, and stunning visuals (or just *sigh* Jar Jar Binks), Or, your a Fan of the 2008-2011 installment if Star Wars, The Clone wars, with Ahsoka Tano, the apprentice of the future Dark Lord, Star Wars has something for everyone.

*Side note* Mostly gains attention of "non viewers" By using sexy female aliens, such as Twi'lek's or Togruta's to hook the viewer so he or she can watch the story. Ex. Princess Leia from ep 4-6, Padme Amidala from ep 1-3, Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura for the 2008-2011 Clone Wars television series, And Darth Talon, from the Legacy Era.
Guy one: Why do you watch Star Wars?

Guy two: Twi'leks...

Guy one:...same...

Guy two: What about you?

Guy three: Its the awesome plot and expanding aspect of the SW universe for me!...and Twi'leks...
by ILikePudding^-^ November 20, 2011

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