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A front for a terrorist organisation. Members of PETA believe that "animal rights" is a worthy cause for murders and bombing. Most of them are vegans.

This group is highly dangerous and needs to be eradicated as part of the "war on terror". At least Al Quaida don't pretend to be anything other than a bunch of goat-f***ing terrorist scum.
"She mu a member of PETA. Look, she's skinny, pasty, anaemic and malnourised, and... OH F***! SHE'S GOT A BOMB! RUN!"
by ILMOSTRO February 21, 2005
Typically identifiable by their pale, pasty skin, puny limbs and general appearance of malnourishment.

These are symptoms of their unbalanced diet; vegans do not eat any animal product despite it being well-known that the human is an omnivorous species.

Vegans would be tolerable were it not for their dogged insistence on forcing their misguided beliefs upon the rest of the human race. The breed can often be found protesting against various parts of the meat, fast-food and dairy industries. Although they don't seem to concerned about animals consuming other animals...

With luck, natural selection will play its part and veganism will disappear within a century or two.
I fancy a burger but there's a bunch of f***ing VEGANS protesting outside Mc Donald's. Someone hand me my rifle...
by ILMOSTRO February 21, 2005
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