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Slang term to describe fuckin a girl real good. The term coach is from Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka. Since Ditka sounds a lot like Dicka we say i'mma give that bitch some of this dicka or some coachin. Ditka led the Bears to a superbowl victory so that's some good Coachin.
I'mma give that bitch some coachin tonight. I'mma put that Mike DICKA on that bitch, some of this good chicago coachin.
by ILL LOGIK June 20, 2006
Chicago slang term for fuckin a bitch real good. Mike Ditka was a good coach so this describes giving a bitch some good coachin.
I'mma put that mike dicka on that bitch tonight some of this chicago coachin.
by ILL LOGIK June 20, 2006
A Chicago invented mixed drink consisting of Hennessey and apple juice. This drink was created by Sal Mineo (my little brother) legendary street hustler and named by myself (Ill Logik from the projects) and it's some pretty good shit.
Me and my boys was downin rotten apples all night.
by ILL LOGIK June 20, 2006

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