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3 definitions by IKnowStrangeThings

a derogatory term for a tansvestite or transexual used more often on the East coast of the US
Person 1: I saw a transie at the club last night
Person 2: You sure? It coulda been some drunk slut
by iknowstrangethings November 28, 2009
4 3
A species of mutant platypus monkeys, from an alternate universe, who spend their time entering our world through the magical portals we call 'dryers' and 'washing machines' to steal our socks and sell them on the black market for huge sums. The more daring ones have been known to steal both socks or even a pair of leggings. The only way to stop them is to pour a mixture of sour cream, pickle juice, and scrambled eggs (not soupy) into every washer/dryer load.
Look at this! Half my socks are gone! Damn those bumble squishes!
by IKnowStrangeThings June 02, 2010
1 1
Pretty much the male equvilent of a whore. The idea is that he jizzes alot because he sleeps with alot of woman.
Girl 1: Hey, that guys kinda cute.

Girl 2: Forget it, he's a total jizzdick.
by iknowstrangethings December 11, 2009
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