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Is NOT the same as ginger hair, but is unfortunately sometimes considered the same. A real Strawberry blonde has got light red hair, with light blonde highlights. It's a very uncommon hair color. It is required to have genes for both blonde and red hair from both your mother's side and your father's side, and since blonde is more dominant than red hair, so it does not occur very often. Strawberry blonde is one of the absolutely most uncommon hair colors.

"Fake" Strawberry blondes are just people who are gingers, but has got a lighter shade of red, or people with darker hair who failed when bleaching it. (Gives a bright yellow/orange color)

Strawberry blondes might or mightn't have freckles, and most commonly green eyes. Sometimes they're blue though.

So, real gingers, don't try to trick people into thinking you're strawberry blondes when you're not! If you don't have natural blonde highlights in it, you're a ginger and therefor have no soul!
"Dude, I saw this girl with long strawberry blonde hair the other day!"

"Yeah, it was really beautiful and golden-colored!"
"Did she have highlights in it?"

"Then she failed when bleaching her hair. She's most likely a soulless ginger."
"Dude, really? Damn it."
by IKnowEverythingThatYouDont February 12, 2012
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