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the act of a guy rubbing his penis in someone's armpit
guy 1: so I had armpit sex last night

Guy 2: EWWW you sicko!
by IHaveHeart February 07, 2010
sisters that love each other and do a lot of stuff together and are interpretable or 'joined at the hip' but are not related
Girl 1 : I love you!

Girl 2 : I love you more!

Guy 1: are they lesbians?
Guy 2 : no, their just pook sisters
by IHaveHeart January 15, 2010
A smiley with a party hat to show you're excited or at a party
Person1 : yo, dude can you talk?
Person2 : no, ~<|:D sorry
by IHaveHeart February 09, 2010
the boys who were supper tight skinny jeans and really big skater shoes ex: Converse. that make them look like Betty Spaghetti dolls but boys/guys don't know girls call them that....lol
Girl 1: who's that cute skater boy?
Girl 2: that's Bobbie, he's a total "Betty Spaghetti boy(s)"
Bobbie: what's that's suppose to mean?
Girl 2 : It means....ummm.... supper cool boy
Bobbie : oh, thanks
by IHaveHeart January 16, 2010
A name for a stepp dad invented by the girl from parks and rec.
"I'm gonna call him poo-pah"
by IHaveHeart February 13, 2010

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